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Who We Are

Amco Pump Manufacturing is a Houston-based company that designs and manufactures high-quality portable water pumps and parts for global distribution. It is both women-owned and minority-owned, and was founded in 2016. Our extensive product lines include pumps and parts that are 100% interchangeable with major OEMs.


Our mission is to deliver superior pumps and parts at competitive prices while providing excellent customer service. We aim to establish enduring relationships with our customers.

With a collective knowledge and experience of over 100 years in the pump industry, our team is well-equipped to handle any request. Our 70,000 sqft facility enables on-site construction and quick lead times due to stocked inventory.

Our pumps and parts are fully compatible with leading manufacturers. Our catalog of pumps is suitable for industries such as mining, construction, and wastewater treatment, effectively addressing most dewatering needs. Our products meet the requirements of demanding dewatering tasks.

We offer various packages including skid packages, trailer packages, and sound attenuated enclosed packages for those projects that need to ensure quiet operation. Our pump packages feature diesel or electric drives, auto-prime capability, and auto start/stop functionality. With cutting-edge technology integration, remote monitoring and control options are available.

Our commitment to customers is centered on prioritizing quality, providing competitive pricing, and maintaining availability of OEM parts. We offer complete pump ends and have a stocked inventory of replacement parts.

For sales inquiries please call: 713-690-7575, or email your questions to

Amco Pump Manufacturing
Amco Pump Manufacturing Sound Attenuated Unit
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